Събитие „Journalists ft. Startups“


10 януари 2019


Събитие „Journalists ft. Startups“


10 януари 2019, четвъртък


19:00 - 21:00


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TrendingTopics.bg, София

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TrendingTopics.bg, Puzl Coworking

За събитието

Finally an occasion for startups and journalists to exchange some thoughts 🍻 (not some desperate attempts for small talks during conferences) in a relaxed atmosphere… and grab a beer together

If you’ve ever wondered why your supercool startup hasn’t yet been covered by media despite those unique features you released last week… 🤷 There might be several reasons:

🙄 you haven’t sold it as brilliantly to journalists – it is a bit different than pitching to investors

💪 there is nothing newsworthy right now – the fact that you have a super cool initiative to support women in tech in your company might not be it

💌 that press release you send out was not really a press release

🔥you asked a journalist how much you need to pay them to publish your article..oh boy, they will never talk to you again

❓several others we’ll discuss

Don’t miss the opportunity to also express your opinion on how media could improve their startup ecosystem coverage ⁉️

TrendingTopics.bg decided to set the stage for a more productive conversation between these two worlds.

Together with Capital.bg and Bloomberg TV Bulgaria/Investor Group, the two local media that are doing it right and do understand what a startup is, we invite you for a beer and chat.



Anyone interested in getting to know how journalists tick

Anyone in need for advice on how to be featured in media

Alexandra Kozbunarova, TrendingTopics.bg
Елена Кирилова, Investor.bg & Bloomberg TV Bulgaria
Konstantin Nikolov, Капитал