Събитие „Employees Health, Wellness & Benefits Summit“


18 - 19 сеп. 2019, сряда - четвъртък


09:00 - 17:00


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Интер Експо Център, София



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For Leaders who invest in their teams
18-19 September 2019 Sofia, Bulgaria

Primary Objective
Employee Healthcare, Wellness & Benefits Influential Trends Summit 2019 takes the best bits from a traditional content-driven conference and combines those elements with the advantages of a round-table discussion, but on a larger scale.

Attending Employee Healthcare & Wellness Influential Trends won’t just endow you with insights from leading practitioners and experts, it will facilitate valuable two-way discussions for all who attend



08:30AM Registration

09:00AM Opening Address

09:10AM Keynote: The key to positive Employee health and care management: focusing on employees as consumers
Trends in Employee Health Care
Developing health management programmes from a proactive rather than a reactive approach.
How do you engage with employees who are not interested in personal health?
How can business evoke employee health empowerment beginning from the individual?

09:50AM What are the limitations of the healthy & safety rules

10:20AM Coffee and networking break

10:50AM Integrated Healthcare and Wellness Strategies Challenges & Priorities
Holistic healthcare & wellness programmes to improve workforce readiness
How do you translate the investment value of healthcare & wellness programmes into an employee experience with talent analytics?
How does the Employers integrate performance and coaching into the healthcare & wellbeing framework to help employees understand their stress levels and how to develop their programs?
Cultivating a healthy living mindset built upon resilience and mindfulness within the organisation to tackle work-related challenges.
What is the key to successful management of long-term health management

11:20AM Prevent Chronic Conditions with An Evidence-Based Approach
Chronic conditions are a significant cost burden for employers, health plans, and individuals and the whole health care system.
Implement a focused approach to manage and prevent chronic conditions such as diabetes, back pain, and cancer.
Understand the importance of rigorous evaluation and goal-setting
Tailor initiatives based on employee needs and set achievable targets: What does the data indicate?

11:50AM Effective and Engaging Healthcare Tools

12:30-13:30 Lunch & Networking Break

01:30 PM Creating new frontiers and innovating your organisation’s healthcare ecosystem capability
Breaking societal taboos and diversifying employee work life balance beyond workplace flexibility by addressing physical, mental and emotional health.
Engaging in multigenerational collaboration through co-learning spaces to facilitate transactional health knowledge sharing.
Family & Parental Options

01:50PM Healthcare Trends and Cost

02:20PM Leveraging on a comprehensive healthcare framework to deliver on the business front
Driving the end result of improved employee productivity by creating an integrated environment with employees, culture and leadership in sync.
Conducting a cost and benefits analysis to identify loopholes in the current employee healthcare & wellness programmes.
Carefully managing and navigating through the healthcare needs

2:50PM Coffee and networking break

3:20PM The Rise of The Employer-Driven Healthcare Economy

3:50PM Panel Discussion: Overhauling employee healthcare frameworks with a paradigm shift from processes to people
What are some ways leaders can maintain a ‘human touch’ in the era of digital health?
Strengthening health & wellness culture within the organisation beginning with a mindset shift in top management.
Customisation of benefits packages to account for flexibility within mobility in healthcare & wellness.

4:30PM The Attractive Example

5:30PM Cocktail Reception and Networking

PEOPLE STRATEGIES DAY 2 19 September 2019

08:30AM Registration

09:00AM Opening Day 2

09:10AM The Efficiency of Combination of Financial & Non-Financial Benefits

10:00AM Strategies for Corporate Mental Health Programs

10:30AM Coffee and networking break

11:00AM Best Practices and Influence of the C Suite for health,wellbeing & corporate benefits programs

11:30AM The importance of nutrition in maintaining energy levels, digestion and immunity

12:30-13:30 Lunch & Networking Break

01:30 PM Let’s Fuel the Engagement with new health, benefits & wellbeing programs

02:15PM Rethinking the Annual Employee Survey

02:45PM Coffee and networking break

03:15PM Paid Sick & Family Leave As a Tool

03:45PM Sleeping Disorders and the strong connection with efficiency and safety

04:30PM Assessing ROI

04:50PM Closing Address of Employee Healthcare Influential Trends 2019

* Translation in English (Bulgarian) will be provided

Will Challenge You
to compare your experience with the actual trends & good business practices
Will Make You Explore
Various Best & Worst Business Practices and to develop your in-company practices
Will Be Part of
Exclusive Business Community, Exchanging Experience and Making New Business Contract during the Event

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