Authentic Leadership Academy


16 - 19 май 2019, четвъртък - неделя


09:00 - 18:00


Такса участие


ANDRé , София, ул. Хан Крум №31, център


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За контакти:

Яна Илиева, +359885699213, E-Mail



За събитието

Today, more than ever, the business world is changing. Everything is so dynamic and unpredictable. Things that are important today are irrelevant tomorrow. For this reason, it’s crucial for all organizations to have Strong and Effective leaders. 

✔ Leaders who always want more… who can set goals, motivate people, maximize their productivity and guide them to sustainable success.

✔ Leaders who build the future… who find new ways to unite people, to lead the change and to create a “ready for every challenge” workforce.

✔ Leaders who believe and inspire actions!

✔ The real difference makers! 

🔑 The authentic leadership academy (ALA) is for these people. People who don’t follow stereotypes, who are not scared to step out of their comfort zone and embrace their real self.

🔑 ALA is designed to provoke, to make you uncomfortable, and at the same time to give you space to explore your authenticity and impact on others. Because we, H-Vision, believe the success of each leader begins with his personal self-awareness.

🔑 ALA is for those people who desire to assess and rethink their leadership habits in order to achieve extraordinary results. For those who want to transform themselves from yesterday’s managers to tomorrow’s leaders.

📍 The Academy will take place at ANDRé on 16 – 19 Mai, 2019.

❗❗❗ As a compliment to all of our participants, Andre Tokev, the Masterchef himself, will prepare a special Menu for them. ❗❗❗


Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this Unique Experience! 

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