48-ми Европейски конгрес по когнитивнo – поведенческа терапия EABCT 2018


5 - 8 сеп. 2018


48-ми Европейски конгрес по когнитивнo – поведенческа терапия EABCT 2018


5 - 8 сеп. 2018, сряда - събота




Такса участие


Хотел Маринела, София

За контакти:


За събитието

On behalf of the Bulgarian Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, we have the honor and pleasure to welcome you to the 48th Annual Congress of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT 2018) which will be held on September 5 –8, 2018 in Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria, one of the oldest states in Europe.

We will ensure that the EABCT Congress in 2018 will be the most scientifically important event in the history of psychotherapy in Bulgaria and will make a significant contribution to European and world-wide progress, and we feel privileged to be its hosts.

Sofia is a charming city which takes pride in its three-thousand-year history and rich cultural heritage. Four temples are located in proximity in the very center of the town – an orthodox one, a catholic one, a synagogue and a mosque, and they form an original quadrangle of mutual respect between people of different religions. Today our capital is still an island of religious tolerance. Sofia will offer you a remarkable colorful blend of past and present, East and West, traditional and modern – they can be found in every single element of the dynamics of life and the city’s landscape, which has also integrated the remains of the recent socialist past.

We believe the rich and varied scientific programme, the diversity of colors, the coziness of our city, and the traditional Bulgarian hospitality will make your stay in Sofia unforgettable.