10та юбилейна конференция на Балканския физически съюз

26 - 30 авг. 2018


10та юбилейна конференция на Балканския физически съюз


26 - 30 авг. 2018, неделя - четвъртък




Такса участие


Интер Експо Център, София

За контакти:


За събитието

The 10th Jubilee Conference of the Balkan Physical Union (BPU10) is organized by BPU and hosted by the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria. Co-Organizers of the BPU10 are: European Physical Society, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency and Union of Scientists in Bulgaria.
Members of BPU are the National Physical Societies of Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, FYR of Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

Traditionally, BPU Conference is an International General Physics Conference, open for participants from all over the world. The official language of the conference is English.
You are most welcome!


01- Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Energy. ELI-NP
02- Astronomy and Astrophysics
03- Gravitation and Cosmology
04- Atomic and Molecular Physics
05- High Energy Physics
06- Condensed Matter Physics & Statistical Physics
07- Optics and Lasers
08- Plasma and Gas-Discharge Physics
09- Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
10- Computational Physics
11- Meteorology and Geophysics
12- Environmental Physics
13- Alternative Sources of Energy
14- Econophysics
15- Applied Physics
16- Biophysics and Medical Physics
17- Physics Education
18- History and Philosophy of Physics
19- Metrology and Instrumentation