Why does my architecture suck? The things you won’t see in the documentation


31 май 2023, сряда


19:00 - 21:30


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Gramophone Live&Event Club, София, Budapeshta Street 6, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia

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Dimitar Sivkov, 0886880697, E-Mail


SoftServe, Women Who Code

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Have you ever asked yourself if the architect who designed the system you are working on was crazy?
Have you ever considered finding them and telling them how many things could’ve been done better/easier/way cooler? Or just throw tomatoes at them? Let’s go through some of the factors and processes when designing a new software solution and why your architect might not be the (only) villain.

Valya Stoyanova
Started working in IT as a developer around 13 years ago and then progressed to leading roles and now she is a Solutions Architect.
She’s involved in projects for building whole architectural solutions from scratch, modernizing existing solutions, moving them to cloud and assessments for startups and big enterprise clients in various sectors like healthcare, FinTech, retail and other.

*The lecture will be held in Bulgarian.

When: 31/05/2023, 19:00h
Where: Gramophone Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
Tickets: FREE with registration