Уъркшоп „Virtual Reality UX“


6 декември 2018


Уъркшоп „Virtual Reality UX“


6 декември 2018, четвъртък


09:30 - 17:30


Такса участие


SOHO, София

За контакти:



UX Event by Lucrat

За събитието

Why you should care about Virtual Reality UX?

Virtual reality is here to stay. Gradually, the technology is overtaking new fields – from real estate, holiday booking and entertainment to training and education, product design and customer satisfaction. Virtual reality engages users in a way no other media or communication channel can. However, building an immersive VR experience is a tough, new challenge that requires UX designers to step up their game and start thinking in 3D.

What is the challenge?

We have learned a lot about UX design for the last decade, however virtual reality offers new ways of presenting information and affecting user’s emotions. UX designers have to become storytellers; they need to learn how to use depth, light, sound design, physics and new ways of interaction to communicate their ideas through the new media.

One day workshop

This workshop will help you gear up for the next generation of user experiences. The combination of an engaging talk and practical workshop will ensure you grasp the opportunity virtual reality offers and will challenge your understanding of UX design.