Тренинг „The Unique Shaolin Way 1-day courses at PwC’s Academy Bulgaria“


24 февр. - 26 мар. 2020


Тренинг „The Unique Shaolin Way 1-day courses at PwC’s Academy Bulgaria“


24 февр. - 26 мар. 2020, понеделник - четвъртък


09:00 - 17:00


Такса участие


PwC's Academy Bulgaria, ет. 7, София, бул. Княгиня Мария Луиза 9-11

За контакти:

Марио Михайлов, +359 894 333 058, E-Mail


За събитието

The Shaolin Temple is existing since more than 1,500 years and belongs to one of the oldest orders in the world with an uninterrupted history – not a product of chance but the result of cleverly devised and carefully chosen decisions.

PwC’s Academy Bulgaria gives you the opportunity to take part in these unique courses. Don’t miss the chance to use the know-how of original Buddhist trainers to enhance your self-cultivation and managerial skills.

Stress seems to be an unavoidable fact of life in our modern society. The negative impacts on the individual are obvious, both on a personal and a professional level.

It is clear that modern professionals need a diverse set of capabilities to motivate their employees. But what about implementing these in practice?

In Shaolin culture, empowerment refers to the acceptance and the deep understanding of existing limitations. We will provide you with certain tools and knowledge to support you in improving the quality of your life and business.

Shaolin Masters are the highest representatives of the Shaolin Order, not only because of their vast knowledge, but especially for mastering themselves amongst other influences that they were surrounded with.

Important note:

While the speakers are both monks, we would like to clarify that the content of the training is in no way religious.

Dates in 2020:
24 February – Conflict Management The Shaolin Way
26 March – Self-Empowerment The Shaolin Way

Join now these unique 1-day courses at a preferential early bird fee. Contact us to learn more.

You can find out more here and watch part of the Shaolin talk in our Youtube channel here.