Семинар „Building AI-powered, chatbot products: tips & tricks“


13 декември 2016


Семинар „Building AI-powered, chatbot products: tips & tricks“


13 декември 2016, вторник


19:00 - 22:00


Безплатно (Задължителна регистрация)


SBar, София, бул. Никола Й. Вапцаров 6

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ProductTank Sofia

За събитието

Media hype in chat bots reached peak levels this year, driving developers to build bots with near cult-like enthusiasm. Bots are being developed at an unprecedented rate, and a wide variety of vendors and startups are jumping on the bots bandwagon. Analysts believe that chat bots hold great potential for transforming how organizations interact with customers and employees – they can deliver conversation-like experience which is personal, rich, and simple, while at the same time it does not force the user out of their natural environment – instant messengers.

However, there are still challenges that need to be addressed for chat bots to fulfill the promise of true conversational interfaces. The artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning components associated with them, have been at the crux of attention. The question is, how far are they from being truly „smart“?

How can we use chat bots and chat bot technology to build great products?

Boyan Benev (Gain.im) and Momchil Elenkov (Viber) will try to shed some light into these questions. They will also showcase some real life examples of already implemented bots and will talk about the strategies which their companies use to untap this market trend.