Събитие „Testing & development at the new technology world“


30 май 2018


Събитие „Testing & development at the new technology world“


30 май 2018, сряда


19:00 - 21:00




TIME OUT Club, София, ул. „Луи Леже“ 2

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TIME OUT, Matrix Global Bulgaria Careers

За събитието

The new edge of technology is leading the humanity to other places not familiar to us, things we thought we can see ONLY in the movies are here or few steps ahead from us.

🚀 New technologies effect the development and testing world from all aspects, what will be the development world? Will the testing still be the same as it is today? Together we will understand and find the new ways to cope with today’s technology transformations.

Guest lector of the event will be one of the IT Testing leaders in Israel. In the last 10 years Lior Katz is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Of Matrix Global testing. He has more than 20 years of experience at the testing area and is currently managing the biggest Testing company in ISR (more than 170 employees).

Mr. Katz also worked as a Senior consultant at Japanese giant insurance company, Testing center of excellence establishment. Implementing current testing methodologies, for manual Automation and Performance activities. Managing testing procedures, implementing tools and quality control (or measurements).

The topics that will be discussed during the event will be:

✔️ Testing tools management
✔️ Testing Automation
✔️ Load Testing
Lecture and leading the conferences at the QA area, consulting for startups and enterprise organizations for all concern to the testing area Managing and leading Testing Automation, Load testing, Mobile testing and Manual testing projects from all aspects.