Събитие „Scale up your (IT) career“


30 апр. - 19 юни 2018


Събитие „Scale up your (IT) career“


30 апр. - 19 юни 2018, понеделник - вторник




Такса участие


Sofia Tech Park, София, бул. Цариградско шосе 111Ж

За контакти:



EduCompass Foundation, BGO Software

За събитието

Tomorrow is created today – wait a little longer and it’s already too late. Today is the perfect time to design your tomorrow as you want it to be. BGO Software, The Edge: Research and Business Development & Career rEvolution united to create the perfect training course which will give you a flying start. Scroll down for details.

This unique blend of technical skills – Blockchain technologies and Solidity programming, Tech entrepreneurship and Soft skills for IT – is the missing step between you and the next level of your career.

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone with at least basic programming knowledge who is looking to expand her/his careers in the most innovative and rapidly developing world – that of the blockchain technologies.

Requirements to sign up:

  • Have a minimum of B2 level of English;
  • Have at least basic programming skills;

What will you get?

Blockchain theory and Solidity programming theory and practice from BGO Software
Technological Entrepreneurship by Тhe Edge: Research and Business Development
Soft skills and career development for IT specialists by Career rEvolution.