Събитие „Modern JavaScript tools and technologies“


23 март 2017


Събитие „Modern JavaScript tools and technologies“


23 март 2017, четвъртък


19:00 - 22:00


Безплатно (Задължителна регистрация)


SPS Tower Sofia, София, ул. "Тодор Каблешков" 72

За контакти:

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За събитието


19:00-19:30 Authentication & Handshaking
19:30-21:00 Modern JavaScript tools and technologies – few short talks over different hot JS topics with Q&A session after each topic
21:00~ Beer and snacks, and friendly chatting

You can enjoy these short talks:

1. Pimping the Feedback Loop

Abstract: In this talk he will share couple of recent tools and techniques that allow for a more rapid and interactive application development. From hot module replacement that selectively modifies parts of a running app without the need to refresh the browser and loose the state to functional reactive approach with css vars that allows for almost wysiwyg feel when building a ui.

Speaker: Alexander Milanov – Full-stack developer with 15 years experience.

2. Distributed Tracing in Node.js

Speaker: Nikolay Stoitsev – Software Engineer at Uber

3. GraphQL Basics

This talk is about:

1.What is GraphQL?

2.Why are people so excited about GraphQL?

3.How can GraphQL make my life better?

Speaker: Radoslav Stankov – Developer at Product Hunt