Събитие „ABLE Activator – The Cool New Program in Town (Info Session)“


6 декември 2018


Събитие „ABLE Activator – The Cool New Program in Town (Info Session)“


6 декември 2018, четвъртък


19:00 - 20:30


Такса участие


Leanplum Bulgaria , София, Blvd Knyaginya Maria Luiza 2

За контакти:


За събитието

Do you aspire to be The Entrepreneur who turns an impactful idea into reality?
Do you see yourself as a Future Shaper motivated to change the world?

If Yes, then keep reading.

We – the people from the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs – ABLE, know that true leaders and entrepreneurs are the ones to make things happen. That is why we developed this ONE of a kind Program that nurtures leadership skills and provides entrepreneurial toolkit for YOU to start creating value on your own terms.

⚡What is ABLE Activator?

ABLE Activator is an exclusive 6-weekend-long entrepreneurship program that:

– Equips you with the right tools to start your own venture.
– Provides practical knowledge through interactive teaching methods.
– Introduces you to the Bulgarian entrepreneurial ecosystem through meetings with our brightest entrepreneurs and business leaders.
– Gets you to meet internationally recognized lectors and mentors.
– Fosters your entrepreneurship mindset to enable creativity and self-confidence in everything you undertake.
– After successful completion you can become a member of the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs – ABLE – a strong community of more than 250 young professionals and entrepreneurs, working towards positive change in Bulgaria.

⚡Our PERFECT candidate is:

1. A PROBLEM-SOLVER. You cannot stand and observe problems neutrally. You are a proactive Solution-Hunter.
2. A CHALLENGE-SEEKER You often seek ways to unleash your Greatness.
3. DETERMINED to become a successful entrepreneur, ready to work hard, devote time and energy to bringing an innovative business or a social impact idea to life. You are a DOER.
4. A university student in at least SECOND YEAR of study or a young professional under 35 years of age

⚡The program is divided into the following 6 MODULES*:

1. Introduction: Character & Leadership.
2. Deep Dive: Idea Formation & Hackathon.
3. Value Creation and Feasibility Testing.
4. Business Model.
5. Go-To-Market, Sales & Negotiations.
6. Demo Day & Community Building Retreat.

*Each module will take place on a long weekend (Friday-Sunday), starting February 15.

**Each Wednesday we’ll have interactive lectures and panel discussions on various topics concerning your future venture development.