Reactive Systems and Scaling Data Horizontally Tech MeetUp


13 март 2018


Reactive Systems and Scaling Data Horizontally Tech MeetUp


13 март 2018, вторник


06:30 - 21:30


Безплатно (Задължителна регистрация)


qClub, София, ул. Хенрик Ибсен 17



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We are very excited to announce our next Tech MeetUp, that we are organising together with our partners from Ocado Technology.

The topics we will discuss this time are:

Scaling Data Horizontally
A look into the challenges of building a scalable distributed application, and where the hidden difficulties lie. Modern frameworks have powerful support for building stateless architectures and have moved the challenge away from local instance problems into wide-scale data segregation and management.

Reactiveness as a Way of Thinking About Systems
In his talk Zdravko Stoychev will explore the meaning behind the concept of “Reactive Systems” and how thinking in these terms can help us when designing and architecting modern software. Software systems operate in the physical world. Zdravko will look at what challenges this brings and how we can achieve reactive properties within the constraints of the real world. Along the way he will delve into different software development concepts that can naturally be used together to help accomplish the ultimate goal – a responsive system.

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