Quality Assurance for Software Developers (Testing Fundamentals Part 2)


30 май 2018


Quality Assurance for Software Developers (Testing Fundamentals Part 2)


30 май 2018, сряда


19:00 - 21:00


Безплатно (Задължителна регистрация)


Smart Space - coworking space, ет. 3, София, Младост 1, ул. Андрей Сахаров 16

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Smart Space

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Test design techniques that can be applied for creating more meaningful unit tests.

Quality assurance for Software Developers is a series of events based on the idea that the roles of software developer and quality assurance engineers are overlapping.

In his many years of experience, Anton came to the conclusion that developers should no longer rely on testers to ensure software quality but should take part and responsibility on their own.

We will review both theoretical and practical points, how we could achieve higher quality and also provide specific examples from what is implemented in Innovative Lab (the company in which Anton currently is working as a QA Architect.

Registration is mandatory but free on – https://goo.gl/forms/SygODR1wJvqmGtT92