Public Speaking & Presentation Skills w/ prof. Nedyalko Delchev


20 януари 2017


Public Speaking & Presentation Skills w/ prof. Nedyalko Delchev


20 януари 2017, петък


09:15 - 18:30


Такса участие


AUBG Elieff Center, София, ул. Университетски парк 1

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За събитието

For a first time within the Executive MBA program at AUBG we are launching an open-enrollment program that allows you to take non-credit courses! The pioneer course in this program is Public Speaking and Presentation Skills with Professor Nedyalko Delchev.

This learning experience is designed to sharpen your communication and presentation skills across different professional contexts. Using a combination of techniques from acting, public speaking and improvisation students will improve their ability to communicate and express ideas in front of different audiences. They will gain understanding of the principles of effective public speaking both in planned and unplanned context.

This course will be an exciting learning adventure that you will enjoy and that will strengthen your abilities to impress. We have limited seating so we will accommodate only 10 open enrollment students. The participants will be registered on first-come first-serve basis.