Public Speaking Masterclass


23 февруари 2017, четвъртък


09:00 - 17:00


Такса участие


Предстои да се уточни локацията, София

За контакти:



Power Lab Pro

За събитието

This course by Power Lab Pro and the London School of Communications in Sofia makes the certificated courses offered by the British school available to the Bulgarian and Balkan region.

Our lecturers are internationally acclaimed experts, experienced in training and educating politicians, premiers, presidents, royals and senior managers.

The certificate you will receive upon completion of our course can open many doors for your professional development.

This course combines both theory and practice to bring to you an active and confidence-building day of coaching and fun workshops with an inspiring presentation coach.

The course focuses on:
– Body language and voice training
– Presentation skills

After this course you will gain confidence in public speaking. You will be able to :

– Speak in front of any audience, freely and with authority
– Deliver more convincing and effective presentations
– Overcome the unease and fear of public speaking
– Skillfully utilise your tone of voice and body language to make public presentations more influencial and memorable
– Engage the attention and respect of your audience
– Successfully gauge the reactions of your audience and build rapport