Практически уъркшоп „Boost your energy at work“


25 юни 2019, вторник


16:30 - 19:00


Такса участие


PwC's Academy Bulgaria, ет. 7, София, бул. Княгиня Мария Луиза 9-1

За контакти:

Марио Михайлов, +359 894 333 058, E-Mail


За събитието

This practical workshop is designed and delivered in partnership with CHAIR UP! Chair Up sessions are promoting more physical activity in the offices for healthier and happier people, better concentration and better results at work.

What to expect?

  • Motivation talk: Why we need fresh blood in our veins? How to boost our energy without any caffeine. How to stay focused. How to be more efficient on busy days. The importance of sleep. Useful tips and ideas – CHAIR UP team
  • Office workshop: Energizing, coordination, focus and balancing techniques, and body movements. Brain stimulation and concentration. Anti-headache tips. Head self-massage. Special movements with the head, neck, arms, and shoulders. Refreshment techniques with the help of aroma – Dimitrina Sivkova, physiotherapist.
  • Workout at work: Functional office workout session with a desk and a chair. Brain rest with body exercises. Exercise for brain and body stimulation and better coordination. Easy exercises with mini resistance bands – Krasse Gueorguiev, ultrarunner and trainer.