Pitch Station with 356labs vol. 4


29 май 2017, понеделник




Само с покана


CowOrKing Space by Puzl, София, бул. "Черни връх" 47

За контакти:



CowOrKing Space by Puzl

За събитието

It’s time for the fourth edition of the Pitch Station sessions. If you are not familiar with the sessions, here is the story behind:

We’ve all been in a room where we’re forced to listen to the least effective presentation ever with the least imaginative slides. And then, when it’s your turn to deliver a pitch – somehow it turns out we’re not the best at it either?

That’s why, together with 356labs, we’re giving startups the opportunity to learn and improve their presentation skills and slides design. We’re calling the sessions „Pitch Station“. One presenter will be chosen for each Pitch Station event to present and receive practical advice on the topic. It’s not simply critical feedback. You will get to know what needs to be changed in order for your presentation to look and sound as effective as you want it to be. Here’s how Pitch Station works:

If you want to be one of the pitching teams:

1) You sign up via the online form here:
2) If we pick you, you prepare your pitch and present in front of the 356labs pros and the crowd.
3) You receive elaborate feedback from professionals both on your presentation content and skills and on the making of the slides themselves.
4) You walk out ready to bust some awesome presentation moves.

If you want to learn more about how to do an effective pitching or get some great tips from 356labs team and network with the community:

1) Check „Going to“ this event
2) Come on May 29th at Puzl CowOrKing , floor 4, the Foundry room
3) Have fun watching someone else sweat up under the lights