Обучение „Budgeting and Controlling – Comprehensive roadmap at strategic, tactical and operational level“


8 - 9 окт. 2019


Обучение „Budgeting and Controlling – Comprehensive roadmap at strategic, tactical and operational level“


8 - 9 окт. 2019, вторник - сряда


09:00 - 17:00


Такса участие


PwC's Academy Bulgaria, ет.7, София, Княгиня Мария Луиза 9-11

За контакти:

Марио Михайлов, +359 894 333 058, E-Mail

За събитието

Who is it for?

Practitioners with a basic understanding of cost structures and budgeting, who wish to increase their potential and becoming a key contributor to improved systems of performance.

Why should you attend?

This is a good opportunity to gain an insight into a wide range of elements related to performance management and measurement. Also to determine how the appropriate cost structures should be aligned with the business and corporate level strategies of an entity, and contribute into improvement of the existing system of decision-making in your organization.

What will you gain?

A thorough knowledge and understanding of the interconnection between cost structures, actual profitability of products and services, and the entity’s strategies. You will also master the business aspect of transfer pricing and you will advance your understanding of performance management and how it translates into tangible results.


The duration of this course is 2 days and it includes the following topics:

  • The role of strategic planning, at corporate and business level
  • The rational model of strategic planning, including a wide range of qualitative models
  • The concepts of value and cost. Definitions and a wide range of examples, including traditional and modern costing techniques: marginal, absorption, activity based
  • The concept of budgeting in the strategic process
  • Challenges imposed by applying traditional budgeting models, and how these may be overcome
  • Types of budgets: flex, rolling, zero based, beyond, activity based
  • The role of critical success factors and KPIs in strategic planning and performance management and measurement
  • What is performance management and the difference to performance measurement
  • The role and usability of financial and non-financial KPIs
  • Variances: the concept. The role of basic and advanced variances
  • Kaizen costing: a snapshot at an alternative business performance philosophy
  • Transfer pricing: a comprehensive roadmap to decision making.