Machine Learning at Ocado Technology


13 септември 2017


Machine Learning at Ocado Technology


13 септември 2017, сряда


18:30 - 21:30


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betahaus, Innovation Space, София

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За събитието

Just before the end of the summer we are organising an insightful Tech MeetUp with our partners from Ocado Technology.

The seats are limited, so make sure you register in advance:

Here are the topics we will discuss this time:

Data Science
Ocado is generating, storing and processing terabytes of data every day. During his talk Milen Chechev will share how they handle such amounts of data and what tools they use for data analysis and machine learning. In the practical session he will share how they are using Google Cloud Platform, Datalab and TensorFlow on interesting problems involving autonomous vehicles and system control in Ocado’s smart platform.

Deep Reinforcement Learning
Deep reinforcement learning is earning growing popularity for problems in robotics, autonomous vehicle, drone and factory control, marketing and sales automation, and dialogue systems. One of the recent milestones in artificial intelligence and machine learning research is the development of AlphaGo, a deep reinforcement learning algorithm by Google DeepMind, that managed to beat several top-ranked human players in the Chinese game of Go. In this talk Ivaylo Popov will delve into the reinforcement learning theory and go through several recent algorithms and their applications. He will also look at how reinforcement learning can be applied to improve Ocado’s smart platform.