LibertyBits Conference 2018


24 април 2018, вторник


08:00 - 18:00


Такса участие


София Тех Парк , София, бул. Цариградско шосе №111Б

За контакти:



За събитието

The First Freedom & Tech Conference dedicated to Blockchain, Free Software & Privacy, and Life off-the-grid.


The main purpose of this conference is:


1. To spread the word about the benefits of blockchain as an underlying technology as a trustless consensus mechanism and added value for our society, compared to the legacy financial and economic systems;

2. To raise awareness and importance of using free software, keeping our privacy and securing our communications in a world of global surveillance;

3. To showcase any actual trends of using alternative energy sources and rethink the possibility to cut-off the wire and dependencies to the common energy providers for people, who are ready to try that.

The conference will meet the search of “hungry” (young) people from South East Europe with the demand of cutting-edge #blockchain, #privacy, #FreeSoftware, and #OffGrid domestic and international experts. The goal is to deliver outstanding and inspiring talks about our present and near future and to educate the general audience.

It will be the first time this conference will take place and aims to make Sofia (Bulgaria) a center-stage for fascinating talks from trendsetters to tech-savvy, financially educated and liberty-focused English speaking international audience from Bulgaria and its neighbor countries.