Конференция „IT Weekend Ukraine 2018“


8 септември 2018


Конференция „IT Weekend Ukraine 2018“


8 септември 2018, събота


09:00 - 20:00


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IT Weekend Ukraine 2018: latest ups and downs in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud

The 7th international conference IT Weekend Ukraine, powered by the IT company SoftServe, announces that the registration is now open. The event will be held on September 8th, in Kyiv (Ukraine), presenting international speakers.

Is Artificial Intelligence a solution for everything? Can an enterprise go serverless in Cloud-based world? Why is the VR/AR adoption slower than predicted? It is questions that lead to innovations and discoveries. At IT Weekend Ukraine, the speakers will answer to the most burning of them in the directions of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Science, Cloud technologies, Security and Blockchain.

During the day  we will discuss whether AI is the solution that can be deployed in every sphere, go through the real stories of failed AI applications and what went wrong. During a gamified interactive session, we will learn how to create an architecture for machine learning systems. Also, we will get acquainted with various types of artificial neural networks – how they function and evolve through deep learning. And we cannot miss bringing up the role of Cloud technologies, 5G and blockchain in the context of the VR/AR development.

Speakers from global technology companies have strong background both in theory  and practice. Every day they are working on the development and implementation of breakthrough technologies on a global scale. The analysis of real-life cases, both successful and failed, as well as interactive lectures are waiting for you.

The second part of the conference “404: errors, failures and other #it” will be devoted to failed cases. Within an hour the speakers will share their own experience of failures and fuckups, which they turned into lessons and a driver for their future success.


Date: September 8, 2018

Time: 9.00 – 20.00

Price: 129 $.

Venue: Ukraine, Kyiv, C&E centre Parkovy, 16A Parkova road

Links: Registartion

Contacts: info@itweekend.ua

Organizers: SoftServe


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