ERBIS Seminar: Employer Branding and Interviewing Skills


10 - 11 мар. 2017


ERBIS Seminar: Employer Branding and Interviewing Skills


10 - 11 мар. 2017, петък - събота


09:00 - 15:00


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Adrio, София, бул. "Васил Левски" 6

За контакти:

+359 897 687 469, E-Mail



За събитието

Two days interactive training with discussions, solving practical cases and role plays.

During the workshop following topics will be covered:

– Designing the brand of employer: good practices for building the company image on the labour market and how to apply them. Identifying strengths of the organization in order to effectively present it infront of the potential employees. Targeting the talants and finding the right way for attracting them.
– Efficient use of the Social Media and tools for managing the digital image of the company.
– Identifying and attracting the best candidates. Effective communication with future employees before the official starting date.
– Mastering the skills of interviewing: successful approaches and styles that will bring the right people with the right attitude.
– Managing the relationship with the targeted talants inside and outside the organization.