Ecommerce and Retail Summit: Navigating of new era of buying

11 ноември 2021


Ecommerce and Retail Summit: Navigating of new era of buying


11 ноември 2021, четвъртък




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Предстои уточняване, София

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The retail industry is going through a period of extreme turbulence and tectonic shift, caused by many factors. We are entering a new era of buying and one of the legacies of the 2020 pandemic is the boost of innovation and change.

Digitalization, personalization, the evolution of payments, AI, AR, and autonomous deliveries will remain strong trends throughout this decade. The 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and the social values of brands and retailers will become the new norm.

The Ecommerce and Retail Summit is the largest and most impactful event for the retail sector in Bulgaria.

In the forthcoming edition, the forum remains focused on outlining the world industry trends to the local stage and presents the most successful companies and practices from the region.

In its 15-years of history, it has brought together company owners, visionaries, retail and marketing professionals, partners, and key industry solutions.


  • Adapting to the next normal
  • Shifts in Customer behaviour
  • Digital transformation and Omnichannel commerce
  • Retail Technologies
  • The Future of payments
  • Sustainability in the Retail sector
  • Successful Marketing strategies

FORMAT: One-day Hybrid event*

Keynote talks and discussion sessions
Online sessions
Networking sessions
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