Data pitfalls to avoid in Product Management


15 март 2023, сряда




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Product Analytics is tricky. In a more and more data-informed product world, we try to learn how to do product analytics right. Our blind spot, however, is that we underestimate how dangerous it can become if we’re not sensitive enough to not measure the wrong things or the right things in the wrong way.

On March 15 join the online event with Büşra Coskuner, Product Coach, Trainer & Educator with a passion for digital product architecture from Switzerland.

In her talk, she will show examples of metrics and measures that will fool you to make you aware of analytics pitfalls.

🎙The session will be moderated by Kristina Bihus, Product Manager, SoftServe, Ukraine.

ℹ️ Packed with 12 years of experience in product leadership and architecture, Büşra helps product teams and product professionals master the craft of product management and transforms them into confident leaders who get successful products out of the door.
With her no-bullshit approach, she helps apply idealistic product theory to real-life product practice.

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