Annual Energy Conference „Energy Market Liberalization and the New Trends in the Sector“


22 март 2016


Annual Energy Conference „Energy Market Liberalization and the New Trends in the Sector“


22 март 2016, вторник




Такса участие


София Хотел Балкан, София, София, пл. Света Неделя 5

За контакти:

+35924615451, E-Mail



За събитието

Two months after the official start of the Bulgarian Energy Exchange, Capital newspaper and Information Society Development Foundation are organizing a high-proflie conference dedicated to the liberalization of the energy market.

Key Government officials, ministers, representatives of the relevant institutions, experts and representatives of the big energy companies and the business will participate at the event. The conference is a good venue for the business to address their questions and give valuable recommendations to the people in charge of the liberalization process so that the interest of the consumers is protected.

Topics in the agenda:
How should the energy business prepare for the liberalization of the market and what are the challenges ahead
Why is the liberalization of the gas market important
The future of energy: how could the business make the most of the new trends in the sector
The European Energy and Climate Policy and the Impact on Bulgaria

Audience: 200+ representatives of all players in the electricity supply chain, industrial energy consumers, electricity traders, energy and natural gas producers and suppliers, representatives of the business, technology companies, law firms, consultants and others.

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