Annual Conference „HR and the Future of Work: Management Challenges“


25 октомври 2017


Annual Conference „HR and the Future of Work: Management Challenges“


25 октомври 2017, сряда




Такса участие


Sofia Event Center, София

За контакти:

+359 2 4615 451, E-Mail



За събитието

The Annual conference for HR and management organized by Capital and Karieri is the leading event in Bulgaria in the field of leadership and management of people.

Starting from this year we will broaden the scope of the previously covered HR topics. We will focus on the future of work and professions and how these concepts have been redefined. Our aim is to be up to date with the dynamically transforming reality and to explore the everyday challenges managers and team leaders are facing.

We hope that combining a challenging agenda with successful and influential participants, a networking atmosphere, during which the participants can share and learn from each other, will help the event become a traditional annual platform for business leaders and HR professionals in Bulgaria and the region.

Some of the topics:

• What is the future of work and which are the professions of the future
• Robots and AI in the work process: how to build a “team” of humans and robots
• What are the new challenges managers have
• How to effectively manage international teams and people from different ages
• How to be more productive and achieve better work-life balance
• What’s the workplace of the future

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