Preparing Global Leaders Forum Bulgaria


12 - 19 авг. 2018


Preparing Global Leaders Forum Bulgaria


12 - 19 авг. 2018, неделя - неделя






Американски университет в България (AUBG), Благоевград, ул. Свобода Бъчварова 12

За контакти:

+359 88 44 0 6000, E-Mail


Preparing Global Leaders Forum

За събитието

The Preparing Global Leaders Forum Bulgaria is a premiere leadership development academy which will bring together exceptional Bulgarian and international students to provide them with the key leadership skills that are necessary for succeeding in business, non-profit or public sector.

The organizers at Global Leaders Foundation Bulgaria are part of the international network of PGLF, which currently operates in Russia, Croatia, Jordan and Brazil and its more than 1000 alumni come from over a hundred countries.

PGLF mission is to cultivate and prepare a network of innovative leaders who excel at bridging across diverse disciplines, demographics, and divides. Students and young professionals take short courses from internationally recognized faculties and participate in a range of leadership simulations.

Specifically, participants will learn how to develop an opposable, interdisciplinary mind with an ability to work with and across ideological, national, religious, class and racial differences. They will learn how to communicate effectively, work in international teams, and think both critically and creatively with an emphasis on how to advance the global public good.