Bulgaria PHP Conference


8 - 10 Ное. 2019, петък - неделя


09:00 - 12:00


Входен билет


Sofia Ndk, София, пл. България №5, 8800 Sofia, Bulgaria



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Bulgaria PHP Conference

За събитието

After a two-year gap a team of BGPHP User Group enthusiasts – Милко Костурков (Ty’s Software) and Mihail Irintchev (UG founder) alongside the support of the founder of the Conference – SiteGround have come together to reboot this emblematic and long-awaited event!

Their desire to learn all about PHP and its ecosystem gave them the drive to create this big event and to bring together some of the brightest minds in the PHP community.

Bulgaria PHP Conference will gather the top-notch speakers in the field and the team hopes that you are going to enjoy their high-quality presentations. And of course take part in the discussion!

Most of all, the crew behind the scenes have the desire to hang out with everyone at the conference who will spend their weekend sharing their know-how! Аnd of course getting to know personally almost everyone in our large PHP community.

Come at the event – it’s FUBU – „FOR US BY US“!


The program of the event is the following:

8th of November – Friday – workshops
9th of November – Saturday – 2 tracks of talks; unconf track; gourmet lunch AND
a huge PARTY for everyone at the Bulgaria PHP Conference! And that’s not all – the beer will be FREE!
10th of November – Sunday – hangover; alca zelcer (not included); 2 tracks of talks; unconf track; gourmet lunch and Conference closing followed by strong emotions! The beer is still free!


TICKETS: Available NOW @ https://tickets.paysera.com/en/event/bulgaria-php-conference-2019

The conference will take place in November, 8th – 10th 2019 @ National Palace of Culture (NDK), Sofia, Bulgaria.